High Quality Liquid Filled Capsules

Unlike pills, capsules, or tablets, Supplement Factory uses liquid filled capsules to produce high quality products and increase the efficacy of ingredients through cutting edge technologies such as fusion processes and innovative delivery methods.

Custom Formula Gummies.

If you’re looking to create something unique to the market we can manufacture custom formulations and provide assistance in creating formulas that are appropriate for the gummy format and that can meet your desired label claims.

Our Custom Gummy Formulation Process

  1. Initial consultation on the viability of your desired formula.
  2. Account manager assigned to provide expert support.
  3. Formulation designed by our technical team and presented for feedback.
  4. Assistance with label claims.
  5. Samples created and sent for feedback.
  6. Formulation moves to formal pricing stage.

MOQs and Lead Times

Supplement Factory work to set MOQs and lead times which we update 
regularly, check here to ensure synergy with your project…

MOQs From
300,000 Gummies

Lead Times From
6-12 Weeks

Frequently Asked Questions.

Here you can find a range of questions relating to our powder manufacturing service.

Gummies can be found in two main types; those made of gelatine and those made of pectin. Gelatine is animal-based while pectin is plant-based; so, it would make sense for these gummies to taste different from one another!

The Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) of our gummy products are dependent on the necessary formulas and manufacturing processes, with MOQs ranging from 500,000 up to 1 million pieces

Most of our customers prefer to have loose bulk but we offer customised packaging for gummies including Pots and Pouches.

We offer unlimited combination of flavours. Flavours are bespoke for your needs

With an array of flavours and ingredients, there are many options for creating different types of gummies. We can create bespoke gummies for your needs.